Frequently asked questions about the Xtreme Tank Tool™

When the oil is released into a tank that has been produced, this is the first time in its existence that it has seen atmospheric pressure. This is mother nature’s first distillation process. The gasses release out of the oil and need to be captured or the gas (VOC) will go to the atmosphere. The XTT Tool sits in the critical area where all this action is taking place, the “Flash Zone”. The Flash Zone is a reference that process facilities use to describe the area or process of a Distillation column. This is a designed area of a column that is built to release vapors from liquids. The oil production tank has this process happening to it 24 hours a day. This is again the oil’s first chance to see atmospheric pressure. The tool is working and removing vapors as soon as the gas (VOC) break out of the liquids because its working in the flash zone.  The Freedom Tool is unique because we are reading the pressure on the tank from this very volatile, reactive area of the tank, the “Flash Zone”. If a trend were to be created of a pressure transmitter reading pressure on a production tank from the roof of a tank versus reading from the flash zone there will be two very different trends that are nothing alike. The roof trend will be steady horizontal lines with little movement up and down on pressure. The Freedom Tool in the “Flash Zone” will build a trend of an extremely much more active pressure reading with much larger spikes of pressure releasing from the liquids.

The XTT Tool will recover all your vapors (VOC’S) and remove the gasses as soon as they are released. The XTT Tool will put out a twenty-foot diameter tank fire in less than sixty seconds. This simple idea of this tool will give the producer peace of mind on your environmental and safety concerns.

Yes, we have the producer empty one tank in the tank battery. Pull the tank man way and install the tool into tank and then reinstall the man way with block valves on the outside of the tank man way.

If you start pulling the man way on a production tank at 8 a.m., you can easily have the man way back on tank with valves in place ready for production to the tank by lunch time.

No, we usually recommend having a new tank man way with two 4’’ couplings welded in the man way and the man way plastic coated ready before the job is started. If not the man way can be taken off site to safe area to have the two 4’’ couplings welded into the man way.

No, we keep you off the roof of tanks making this tool a safer alternative on installation.

The XTT Tool works off the simple idea that it remains in the Flash Zone. It is a constant moving object that stays with your tank level. Once a fire needs to be extinguished the foam enters the Freedom Tool a few inches above the liquid releasing the fire foam and placing it in the correct spot. Firefighters want this foam directly on this area which allows the fire foam do its job and separate flame from fuel.

Yes. We can build an automatic fire detection and firefighting system that will detect a fire on a 2 out of 3 voting system. We at Xtreme Tank Technologies can engineer a fire foam system that will take care of your tank fire worries.

No. The XTT Tool can be installed with the vapor recovery (VOC’s) system. The firefighting system can be piped for fire trucks to pump the fire foam to the XTT Tool when there is a tank fire. The foam will enter the tank internally and extinguish the tank fire because the XTT Tank Tool places the foam right where it’s needed.

“Wow”!, is one of the first words you hear from these men and women once they see the tool working. Those who have the experience and knowledge of putting out tank fires realize quickly this tool can speed up extinguishing a tank fire exponentially.

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