From real buyers of the Xtreme Tank Tool™

Salt Water Disposal

“I have been in the SWD business since 2006 and have built several disposal wells. In building the disposals, one of the main goals is to remove the skim oil that accumulates on the water tanks without putting interface and or water into the oil holding tanks.

The XTT SS skimmers are by far the best solution for skimming the oil without transferring interface or water. The skimmers actually float on top of the oil and with instrumentation it allows us to maintain a 3” to 4” oil blanket on our water tanks. We set the amount of oil pad we desire and the skimmers, being non-stationary, allow precise accuracy on maintaining our oil blanket.

I am extremely satisfied with these skimmers and am confident to recommend them to any company looking to keep oil buildup off their water tanks.”

James CampanellaJudah Oil, LLC

Surface Hydrocarbon Collection

“Hydrocarbon vapor emissions from the oil and condensate holding tanks have been concerns of the Federal and States Environmental Agencies, and public communities.   With more stringent rules regulating the air emissions out of the oil and condensate holding tanks, it requires vapor collecting tools having higher efficiency.

Large quantities of gas/vapor emissions out of holding tanks are also of significant product loss, higher efficient vapor/gas collecting apparatus offer economic benefit to the gas and oil producers.

The Xtreme Tank Technologies Tool is an excellent device that directs to an oil and vapor collecting equipment having a float system for adjusting the height of vapor recovery intakes.  The float system is preferably adjustable to allow connection of floats to maintain buoyancy and keep the intake above the level of the oil surface in the holding tank.  Vapor is drawn out of the holding tank using a vacuum assisted siphon.

The existing gas collecting system inlet is at the top of tank roof, either using vacuum or ejectors to send vapors to either sales lines or vapor recovery systems.  The conventional configuration would have lower collecting efficiencies, considering fugitive emissions at the tank roof fittings.  The Xtreme Tank Technologies Tool collects hydrocarbon gasses at the surface of the liquid would offer higher collecting efficiency, improve compliance and increase the gas production rate.”

Weinan ChenPhD, Environmental Science

“I Wish I Had Thought of That!”

“As an engineer, I often see things and say to myself, “I wish I had thought of that!”. This product certainly falls in that category. The Xtreme Tank Technologies Tool is the answer to several challenges facing the industry today. Starting with the safety aspect, the Xtreme Tank Technologies Tool will reduce the likelihood of fire in a tank. The XTT can further be fitted with a fire detection and suppression system. The XTT now becomes a “must have” for every tank in the industry.

First, the unit works in the highest concentration of hydrocarbon vapors. Other techniques exhaust vapors at the top of the tank. Xtreme Tank Technologies Tool is ALWAYS in the vapor layer ready to go to work. The Xtreme Tank Technologies Tool recovers the gases that are the fuel for fire and move them to storage or a pipeline for sale.

Fire in a tank, as everyone knows, is nearly impossible to extinguish with current techniques. Often the fire department is helpless to save the tank. On the financial side, it is pulling from the vapor layer the best quality of gas, essentially paying for itself everyday while standing guard. Now comes one if the most exciting parts; the Xtreme Tank Technologies Tool can be fitted with a fire monitoring system and fire suppression. So, if the tank is struck by lightning or other ignition source, the sensors will set off the fire suppression system. The system can be certified to ISO 14520-1:2015 – Gaseous fire- extinguishing systems, if required.

The system also comes with an optional Skimmer. The skimmer can be set up to remove liquids floating on top of other liquids. For example, an oil spill in a lake. The unit will suck the oil off the top of the lake water. This gives it and environmental edge.

So, the unit can be used to remove valuable gas or liquids to be sold. With fire suppression and monitoring, it is now standing by to save the tank from fire.”

Donnie HicksProfessional Engineer